Products Applications

You can use our disinfectant which is compatible with the new production concept and the environment, in many areas such as healthcare, industrial, agriculture and food and public services.

  1. Poultry Slaughterhouses
  2. Poultry Houses and Egg Production
  3. Milk Production Farms
  4. Hatchery Facilities
  5. Meat Products Processing Facilities and Slaughterhouses
  6. Fruit and Vegetable Processing Facilities
  7. Aquacultural Products and Fish Processing Facilities
  8. Agricultural Fields and Greenhouses
  9. Milk and Dairy Products Processing Facilities
  10. Catering Companies and Restaurants
  11. Dispenser Size and Packaged Water Processing Facilities
  12. Fruit Juice, Soft Drink and Alcoholic Beverages Processing Facilities
  13. Grain Silos and Feed Storages
  14. Hotels and Swimming Pools
  15. Hospitals and Medical Centers
  16. Drinking and Potable Water
  17. Cooling Towers and Air Conditioning Systems
  18. Surface Cleaning and Disinfection Processes