Our Story

Global Trimax came into operation in 2015 and it manufactures high-quality and safe disinfectant and antibacterial solutions with its Multiway Clean brand, through its production plant at European standards and its experienced staff.

Our Products have the Biocidal License, which is issued by “Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health Public Health Institution of Turkey”. In the areas of operation of our company; advanced technology products are put on the market of our country and the world, with a high-quality and safe service mentality.

Global Trimax has aimed to become a symbol of trust in and out of the country; by combining the Multiway Clean brand with quality, affordable prices, customer satisfaction principle and principle of complying with sales conditions.

As Global Trimax; we provide services for the healthy society and healthy environment formation; by offering reliable, environmentally friendly disinfectant and antibacterial products with our Multiway Clean brand, in a way to meet the expectations and needs of consumers.

HOCl Technology

The Hypochlorus Acid (HOCl), in other words the Active Chlorine, Which is the environmentally suitable disinfectant that is compatible with the new production concept of our century is a biocide with a broad spectrum. It is suggested that HOCl is disinfection 80 to 120 times more efficacious than sodium hypochlorite. HOCl solution demonstrates its Disinfection Effect by disrupting the cell membrane structure of microorganisms, thanks to its high ORP(Oxidation Reduction Potential) value. 

Our HOCl Technology is proven pure and stable, laboratory tested and yields excellent results as an effective Disinfection and Sterilization process on microorganisms such as Bacteria, Viruses and Fungus. 

Our formulations never contain additives, buffers, and preservatives and remain free of Alcohol, Oil, Parabens, Sulfates, Aldehydes, Phenol, Ammonium or added fragrance. 


The Edge in our Safety and Purity

The Edge in our Safety and Purity

We are effimax

EFFIMAX /effimax/:
strength, efficiency, future, spirit, life, action, passion, energy

True to our name, we are passionate about our formulations and we are energized by our commitment to make a difference in people’s lives and in the world.

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